SWAT Dogs For Sale !

SWAT dogs for Sale

At Police Dogs Centre Holland we offer excellent SWAT dogs for sale ! The S.W.A.T. dogs we present to you are carefully selected by experienced trainers and staff members and will execute their job perfectly.

This special kind of police dogs we sell to customers all over the world. Of course we are able to deliver you different kinds of swat dog breeds and on request provide excellent swat dog training for your handlers.

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The most common breed of dog used as swat dogs are the Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd. Also the German Shepherd can be used as a SWAT dog, but is less popular.

At PDCH we can provide the best SWAT dogs.

We provide stable and can be trained for all circumstances. This means we select our SWAT carefully,  before we present them to our customers. Medically all our swat dogs are perfect.

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