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Police Dogs Centre Holland B.V. supplies the best K9 working dogs and related services to police, ministries, customs and security companies all over the world.

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All-in partner

All related K9 services and K9 products under one roof. Contact us for K9 dogs, K9 equipment or K9 management support.

Large stock available

With kennels all over the world, we always have police dogs on stock ready to join your K9 unit right away.

35 years of experience

We are not improvising when it comes to K9 services. As a company we always have the solution for your K9 needs. We have done many government contracts and gained a lot of experience in L/C contracts.

Transport solutions

To some destinations, cargo flights aren’t available on a regular basis. We are able to charter our own cargo plane to the destination country.


Ministries of Interior and Police

Bangladesh, Dubai, Qatar, Thailand, Pakistan, Egypt, Oman, Jordan, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Iraq, India, Indonesia, Rwanda, South Africa, Nigeria, New Zealand, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Korea, Zimbabwe, Luxemburg, Great Britain and USA

Special Forces

Abu Dhabi, Egypt, UK, Australia and USA


Bangladesh, New Zealand, Oman, Tunisia, USA, Indonesia and United Kingdom

South- and Central America

Ecuador National Police, Mexican National Police, Brazil National Police, Costa Rica National Police, Chile National Police and Colombian National Police and Colombian Airforce

Special Purpose Projects

Airport of Kabul Security Forces, MOC Afghanistan, United Nations, NPA Norway and Kruger Park, South Africa, Indonesia Police Force and Anti-Drug Program, BNN

Security programs

Department of Defense, Homeland security program, State Department USA, Border Patrol USA, Delta Force USA, Navy Seals USA, Shallow Creek Kennels USA, Hill Country Dog Center USA, Constallis USA and Plan Colombian USA

Demining programs

Nicaragua, Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia, Colombia and Afghanistan

Other projects

Saudi Arabia Customs, Presidential Guard and Defense Ministry Canada and US embassies, Green Zone Bagdad

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