Detection Dogs For Sale

At Police Dogs Centre Holland we always have a large number of detection dogs for sale !

Our sniffer dogs are second to none and are sold worldwide. These kind of dogs are one of the most used safety assets. They are trained to search, detect and alert all in a split second.

Where traditional methods take up a lot of time, our sniffer dogs can clear a building, transportation vehicle, luggage or any other object in a matter of seconds.

This makes our dogs one of the most effective ways to guarantee the safety of you and your target.

Contact us now and find out which detection dogs are for sale at the moment.

Explosive Detection Dogs

Explosive detection dogs

With the terrorist threats becoming more and more actual nowadays, you want a solution you can rely on. That is where our explosive detection dogs (EDD’s) come in. They are trained to make a quick but reliable search in your target area.

We can adjust our training, so it meets the requirements of our clients.

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Narcotics Detection Dogs

Narcotic detection dogs

The narcotic problem is bigger than ever. With big organizations importing and exporting their narcotics all over the world. Our dogs are trained to smell even the best hidden narcotics. This ensures a quick but thorough check of the designated object.

We can adjust our training, so it meets the requirements of our clients.

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Mine Detection Dogs

Mine detection dogs

Our dogs are trained to work in the worst conditions and the roughest terrains and still their work drive is unmatched. Only the best dogs are selected for these programs, as there is no room for mistakes.

We have trained many dogs for multiple demining projects all over the world.

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