Single Purpose Dogs For Sale

Our single purpose dogs for sale are on top of the line. They are trained to do the one thing they excel in.

Whatever type of single purpose dogs you are looking for,  if it is detection work, patrol work or any other specialty, Police Dogs Centre Holland assures you that they are the best of the best.

Our dogs are offered as male or female dogs and of course are available in different breeds. We do have many breeds to offer ! If you are looking for Belgian Malinois, German shepherds or Dutch Shepherds we always have a large number available. But also sporting breeds like labradors, spaniels or German pointers are available and trained as single purpose dogs.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Detection dogs

Detection dogs are one of the most used safety assets. They are trained to search, detect and alert all in a split second.

Where traditional methods take up a lot of time, our dogs can clear a building, transportation vehicle, luggage or any other object in a matter of seconds.

This makes our dogs one of the most effective ways to guarantee the safety of you and your target. Most of our dogs are used as explosive detection dogs or narcotics detection dogs.

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Patrol dogs

Our patrol dogs offer the right nerves, bite technic and aren’t afraid in any situation.

This makes our dogs very suitable for your K9 training program.

All dogs can be trained according to your needs and standards.

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Single Purpose Dogs For Sale - Resume

We offer a large varity of single purpose dogs for sale.

Please feel free to contact us for our possibilities and dogs we have available when you plan a visit to our facility in the Netherlands.

You are more than welcome to hand-select the best single purpose dogs.

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