Mine Detection Dogs For Sale

Mine Detection Dogs

At Police Dogs Centre Holland B.V. we train and sell Mine Detection Dogs. Over the years we have sold these kinds of dogs all over the world.

Mine Detection with the help of dogs is very cost effective compared to other – more capital intensive – methods.

Most of our customers train these dogs themselves and we offer them assistance with training programs with experienced instructors.

Mine dogs can be much more cost effective than for example metal detectors. That is why our mine detection dogs are often used to detect landmines in areas where mines were dropped in war times.

The most common breeds used as mine dogs are the Belgian Malinois shepherd and German shepherd. They can be trained to detect or smell the explosive odors of mines. These breeds are known to have a longer endurance to be used as detection dogs.

Did you know that mine dogs can detect metal or plastic landmines ?

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for mine detection dogs.