Police Dogs Centre Holland B.V. is a leading company in the world of police and working dogs. Owner and founder of the company, Arnold van den Oetelaar is a true pioneer in this industry. Back in 1989 when our company was found the working dog was a mere phenomenon, today we can’t see a world without working dogs. K9’s support their handlers in their daily jobs, doing the best they can to make the world a little safer day by day.

To keep up with the huge request for working dogs, we started a kennel in the Czech Republic in 1998. In this facility we buy and prepare dogs before they come to the main facility in the Netherlands. With the Netherlands being our main facility and the Czech Republic being our basic training center, we also got partners in Hungary, Colombia and the U.S.A.

Due to this network we can supply bigger groups of dogs without breaking a sweat. Where other company’s may need some time to prepare your group of dogs, we are always prepared and ready to welcome you in our facility in the Netherlands.


Our main facility is based in the Netherlands. In this facility we have over 200 kennels, multiple outdoor training fields, multiple indoor training areas, medical department including our own full-time veterinarian on site, full time training team and always someone in the kennels to take care of our dogs.

With the Netherlands being our main facility and the Czech Republic being our basic training center, we also got partners in Hungary, Colombia and the U.S.A.

Quality dogs

Our dogs have to meet the highest standards. Due to our demanding medical, work drive and social behavior test before we purchase the dogs, we can guarantee our clients that the dogs are ready for their everyday job.

Transport solutions

Close cooperation with multiple international shipping agencies made it possible for us to send dogs to the most difficult to reach places on earth. We can deliver dogs to any destination country throughout the world.

Pleasant stay

Should you choose to visit us in the Netherlands, we can help you find a suitable accommodation/hotel. In the region known for fine cuisine, pristine landscape and rich culture. A guaranteed pleasant stay for our well-respected guests.

Our team

Only a select, specialized group of people makes up the staff of Police Dogs Centre Holland B.V. In our team we have professional trainers, veterinarian, full time care takers of the dogs and of course our office. Besides our full-time staff, we have trainers that only do our contracts in other countries.

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Police Dogs Centre Holland B.V., was established in 1989. Before moving to his first real kennel, Arnold started in the backyard of his father. Starting with only a few kennels and working around the clock, resulted in his own kennel. This kennel was located at the Vleutstraat 18 in Liempde, the Netherlands. In this facility we had 1 indoor training area, 1 outdoor training area and 48 kennels.

Throughout the years we were constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves, our company, our dogs and last but not least, the service we provide to our clients.

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