Our dogs

Our working dogs are assisting their handlers all over the world in their daily jobs. We supply our customers with the best single purpose and dual purpose dogs which we can deliver with a different level of training.

With every job having its own specifications and needs, the dogs should have the right qualities for their future jobs.

At Police Dogs Centre Holland B.V. trainers are daily working with their dogs, so they know the characteristics of their dogs to inform the customers in the best way possible.

Single Purpose Dogs

Single Purpose Dogs can be used either as patrol dog or as detection dog. Our single purpose dogs are carefully selected by our staff and are normally between 12 and 24 months old after arriving in our kennel.

Depending on the skills of each individual dog, it will be added to a training program and a trainer is responsible to maintain the care and training of the dog.


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Dual Purpose Dogs

Dual Purpose Dogs have the ability to detect substances and assist the handler regarding apprehending suspects (bitework). We carefully select these kind of dogs from our vendors and our trainers are responsible for maintenance and training these kinds of dogs.

Basic qualities are judged on a daily basis, so our staff can inform our customers about the possibilities of the dual purpose dogs.

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