Police Dogs Centre Holland B.V., was established in 1987. Before moving to his first real kennel, Arnold started in the backyard of his father. Starting with only a few kennels and working around the clock, resulted in his own kennel. This kennel was located at the Vleutstraat 18 in Liempde, the Netherlands. In this facility we had 1 indoor training area, 1 outdoor training area and 48 kennels.

Throughout the years we were constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves, our company, our dogs and last but not least, the service we provide to our clients.

This resulted in our own kennel in the Czech Republic which was built in 1998. In the Czech Republic we have a well-oiled team which provides the main facility in the Netherlands with high quality dogs.

The company has undergone numerous transitions and progress ever-since. In the early 2000’s we bought our current location. This location was originally designed for 120 dogs, 2 indoor training areas and outside training areas. As the years passed, we’ve added our medical department including digital X-Ray machine, quarantine section, offices and conference/meeting room.

In 2010 we build extra indoor training areas of 600m2 in total. Inside we divided this big area into multiple small rooms. With this setup we can make many different scenarios to prepare our dogs as good as possible.

In 2016 we had the opportunity to buy an extra piece of land, right across our main facility. At this location we build 84 kennels, guest room and a small indoor training area.

In total our main facility now features:

  • 200 + kennels
  • Multiple indoor training areas
  • Multiple outdoor training opportunities
  • Medical department
  • Quarantine section
  • Full time veterinarian
  • Team of well-trained trainers
  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Luxury furnished lounge
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