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Also we provide much different K9 services for our working dogs. Like veterinarian, vehicle design and transport services.


Good health care is mandatory when working with live animals. We have our own medical department with an X-Ray machine and a veterinarian on site. All of our dogs get checked medically before we start the training. This way we can guarantee a healthy dog for your needs.

Vehicle design

When working with dogs that are not your regular house pets, there are specific needs when talking about transportation. Police Dogs Centre Holland B.V. helps with the design of your K9 transport vehicles and can even build them for you. We are specialized in this matter, leading the whole process and guarantee the best for your needs.


When the dogs are selected, they need to be transported to the destination country. We have good contacts with multiple shipping agencies and airlines so we can guarantee competitive prices and fast shipping. In over 30 years we have shipped dogs all over the world. We are well aware of the changing requirements of each country to import dogs.

To some destinations, cargo flights aren’t available on a regular basis. We are able to charter our own cargo plane to the destination country.

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