Working dogs

Working dogs are assisting their handlers all over the world in their daily jobs. With every job having its own specifications and needs, the dogs should have the right qualities for their future jobs.

Single purpose dogs

Detection dogs

Detection dogs are trained to smell, detect and alert on specific odors.

With the current situation in the world -where safety is at stake every day and time is valuable- it’s dogs like this that can clear a building, car or a line of luggage in the blink of an eye.

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Patrol dogs

When dealing with high value targets or risky environments, our patrol dogs are the way to go.

Our dogs feature a stabile bite, good nerves and social behavior to their handlers. They will go the extra mile for your safety.

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Green dogs

It all has to start somewhere, that’s where our green dogs come in. These dogs feature all the right qualities to become the next best dog, but don’t have the advanced training like our detection and patrol trained dogs. Detection, patrol and of course dual-purpose green dogs are available at our facility.

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Dual purpose dogs

Detection/patrol dogs

Our dual-purpose dogs are trained to detect any odor that is requested by our clients, as well as they are trained to apprehend a suspect. Our dogs are all stable in the mind and have good nerves, are social and always ready to work.

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Green dogs

Similar to our single-purpose green dogs, our dual-purpose green dogs come with the best drive, nerves and work-attic possible.

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Other types of dogs

Over the years we have gained experience and expertise in many other specialties. We are able to meet any requirements and specifications requested by our clients.

These dogs are available on request.

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Level of training

To match your needs and budget we offer multiple levels of training.

  • Green dogs. These dogs possess the qualities and natural drive to become working dogs but have not been trained in any specific way. Our green dogs have great work drive, good nerves, good medical and are social.
  • Semi trained dogs. Our semi trained dogs are pre-trained dogs at our location. These dogs have the same qualities and drive as our green dogs, but have more training. For example: a semi trained EDD is a dog that knows all odors, has a passive reaction when locating an odor but doesn’t have much experience outside of our facilities.
  • Fully trained dogs. These dogs have flawless odor recognition, experience at our facilities and experience at multiple locations outside of our facilities. This way we can guarantee the best results for your K9 program.
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